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What is the best way to load a roof box?
Posted by Charlotte @ The Roof Box Company on 29 June 2010 05:16 PM

Some tips for loading your roof box:

  • Most people find they can fit more in the roof box if they are carrying luggage in soft bags rather than rigid suitcases
  • Buggies and pushchairs can be fairly bulky – it’s often best to put these in the car boot and other luggage in the roof box
  • Distribute the weight evenly i.e. putting heavier items in the middle of the box
  • Remember no roof box will be 100% waterproof so you will need to put anything that you would prefer not to get damp in bags if rain is forecast
  • Use the straps provided with the box to secure your load
  • You must not exceed the maximum load recommended by the roof box, roof bars or your car’s roof (check the handbook)
  • Make sure your load does not obstruct the locking system inside the roof box before closing the box



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