Spike-Spiders clearance?
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Our general advice over many years is that if there are Spikes-Spiders listed for your tyre size, they can and may be fitted, subject to some common sense. We aren't aware of any problems caused by Spikes-Spiders as a result of this advice. Common sense in this context means driving carefully, i.e. not driving fast over corrugated surfaces or rough roads, as well as making sure e.g. that there is no contact between chain and wheel arch when first fitted!

We supply Spikes-Spiders as Original Equipment to several prestigious marques which have limited clearances, e.g. Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover.  

"No fit" is often to do with the need to monitor tyres electronically, a process disturbed by the metalwork inside the tyre that is associated with normal snow chains, but not with Spikes-Spiders. Or it is a because of the potential damage to traction control systems etc. caused by rapid changes in grip associated with chains, e.g. one wheel slipping and one wheel gripping fast. Spikes-Spiders float freely on the tyre and don't apparently cause problems of this sort.

A lot of expensive research has been done into this area by major OE users of Spikes-Spider such as Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley, Land Rover. Sometimes the unsuitability is disguise for the fact that the OE supplier doesn't make a chain for that tyre size. RUD supply BMW but don't have a chain for 255/35-18, so they may be taking the easy option of saying "unsuitable" rather than "Not available at your BMW dealer so buy elsewhere!" You should leave the locking wheel nut in place and use 4 fixings per wheel, rather than the 5 supplied. This is standard with most of the OE Spikes-Spiders we supply and does not affect the integrity of the system.

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