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How do I change the locks on my Thule roof box?
Posted by Charlotte @ The Roof Box Company on 24 February 2010 10:54 AM

How to change existing locks for new "one key locking systems":

  1. Make sure that the roof box is locked
  2.  Using the original key turn the key 45 degrees CLOCKWISE "so the big hand is at about 10:30” and withdraw the key.
  3.  Push the master key (the one with the square cornered head) into the lock barrel. When you withdraw it the lock barrel will come out.
  4. Put one of the new "one key locking systems" onto the master key and insert it into the lock opening.
  5. Put your thumb over the barrel and withdraw the key.



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Brett Lloyd Payne
11 March 2017 08:01 PM
Yes, the 45 degree tip works well. However for those of you with older Thule Vision 650 roof boxes where there is a handle on the side that when you unlock, its pops out and the whole handle drops down at 45 degrees, there is another step.

Behind the handle its self is a press pin arrangement. Press this in with your finger whilst the handle is in the down position. This will allow you to move the key to the lock position and then move the key to the 45 degree position so it can be taken out. with the master key, still pressing the back of the handle, pulling the barrel out.

You will have to reverse this to put a new barrel in.
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