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Will any roof box fit my car?
Posted by Elliot @ The Roof Box Company, Last modified by Kerry @ The Roof Box Company on 14 February 2017 05:12 PM

You will need a set of car-specific roof bars to mount your box onto. Once you have a set of bars, any box will fit within reason. If you purchased the aluminium "aerobars" you may also require T-track adapters.

It's worth trying to visualise how the box will look on your vehicle before making a purchase. Please use the information (length, width, height) under the "Specification" tab for each roof box to help you do so.

When purchasing a box from The Roof Box Company, you are covered by our "90 day exchange scheme" which allows you the opportunity of using a roof box and then switching for another if, on reflection, the first one is not right for you. Our bottom line is that we don't want to leave you with a box you're not happy with. Click HERE for more details on our Terms & Conditions. 

In some cases we have received calls from customers that have bought a roof box and worried that it's "far too big for my car" - without actually fitting it. In our experience, roof boxes tend to "shrink" considerably when correctly mounted on a car, so try not to be alarmed when your box is delivered.

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