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How can I carry a bike with a carbon frame?
Posted by Charlotte @ The Roof Box Company, Last modified by Kerry @ The Roof Box Company on 06 November 2018 12:02 PM

It's certainly possible to carry your carbon frame bike in a rack, but you will need to be careful you go for a carrier that you can be sure won't cause any damage to your bikes. Carbon frames are be designed to withstand the type of forces you get whilst riding the bike but not where the downtube is clamped into a standard roof mounting bike carrier. You will need to go for a bike rack that does not clamp your carbon frame. If you need a rack to carry carbon frame bikes (usually very expensive) it's certainly not worth taking any risks. The good news is that we will have a few different options: 

Roof mounting bike carriers

Fork mounted bike carriers are recommended for bikes with carbon frames but they are not suitable for bikes with full carbon forks. If you have carbon forks with a steel dropout a fork mounted rack will be suitable. Some fork mounting racks are not suitable for bikes with disc brakes, so it's important to check this before you buy a particular rack.

Another option is a tyre holding carrier, where all the clamping is done around the wheels of the bike, so the carrier doesn't touch the frame of the bike at any point. They're also good for non-standard frame sizes. 

Thule now produce a carbon frame protector for the Thule ProRide 598 frame holding carrier, so if you'd rather not have to remove the front wheel, or are carrying a carbon bike with close fitting mud-guards, this could be the solution. 

Tow ball mounted bike carriers

Wheel support style bike carriers have an arm that attached to the cross bar. This is not recommended if you have a carbon frame but you can usually attach this arm to a non-carbon part of the bike instead, e.g. the seat post. Alternatively, you can use an 'artificial cross bar' that this arm can attach onto instead. We have a range of artificial cross bars available.

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