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Where can I get a number plate made up?
Posted by Charlotte @ The Roof Box Company on 17 May 2012 10:01 AM

If your bikes/bike carrier obscures your number plate, you will need to get a new number plate made up. In the UK (and many European countries) it's a fixed penalty offence if you allow your number plate to be obscured. Number plates usually just come in two sizes. If you are getting a number plate for one of our wheel support tow ball racks you will need the long rectangular size (just the same as number plates on most cars) rather than the squarer size (found on some 4WD vehicles). You have to take two documents with you when you have your number plate made up; a document to establish your entitlement to the registration number (e.g. your log book) and some form of ID to conform your identity on it (an attempt to reduce number plate fraud). Click here if you would like more details from the DVLA website, you can also find your nearest registered number plate supplier here. It's usually easiest to get one locally, you can get a number plate made up very quickly at most local garages.

If you are using one of our wheel support racks, the number plate will clip or screw into a holder on a bike rack, the clips are in the correct place for UK number plates. 


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