I've changed my car, can I convert my old Thule roof bars?
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Thule bars come in several modules typically a) foot pack b) set of bars and often c) an adapter kit. 

a) There are 3 main types of Thule feet; 754 (Gutterless feet - clamp round the door*), 753 (Fixpoint XT feet - connect to the fixpoints or flush rails on your car*), and 757 (Roof rail clamps).

* the above feet require an adapter kit when connecting to the vehicle.

b) Thule bars have several different product codes depending on the variation. Therefore, when assessing whether they will fit on your new car please refer to the specified length. 

c) Adapters kits are specifc to the vehicle, and unless you purchased the same model and year of vehicle it is unlikey your current adapter kit would work. If you look at the first page of your Thule instructions you will see the make, model and years of vehicle for which that adapter is applicable.

In order to check whether your current items will work on your new vehicle please follow the advice below;

1) Open 2 seperate tabs in your web browser (you can do this in most internet browsers by pressing ctrl + t)

2) Go to www.roofbox.co.uk on both tabs.

3) Please use the 'Product finder - what fits my car' icon in the top right of your screen to select the Thule bars needed for your previous vehicle

4) On the second tab please repeat the above step, however this time select the Thule bars required for your new vehicle.

5) Make a note of the parts required for each vehicle and check each whether the codes for the above three modules match with their counter-parts.

In the event the part numbers match this means you will be able to reuse that part on your new Thule bar system.

Unfortuantely, usually, if the part does not match you will need to replace that part with the part specified for your new vehicle.


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