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How easy are RUD Easy-2-Go chains to fit?
Posted by on 24 October 2011 03:17 PM

Well see for yourself!

Please click here to see the fitting of RUD Easy-2-go chains!

Also if you would like to download or view a copy of the RUD Easy-2-Go fitting instructions please click this link. 

You may also be asking yourself 'what is so special about RUD Easy-2-Go chains?'. Well; 

  • They use 4mm wedge-shaped chrome-manganese fine-grained alloy steel chain – for better grip. Each link is 9mm high.
  • Stationary fitting, i.e. there's no need to move the vehicle forward or backwards to complete the fitting process.
  • There's a patented "Permanent Tensioning Device" which removes the need to stop and re-tighten the chains. It's a bungee type system so there's no danger of the tensioning system getting iced up.
  • Their lower profile shape minimises the potential for scratches on alloy wheels, but you may wish to add a set of ProtectAR wheel rim protectors - see product list below.
  • The quick release ratchets speed up both fitting and removal.
  • They have a reversible chain mesh for a long lifetime (but don't grind them down on the tarmac!)
  • They're supplied in a strong zipped padded nylon bag, making them easier to pack away than into a plastic case, and easier to store in tight spaces.

Please click here to see if RUD Easy-2-Go chains are available for your vehicle/tyre size. 

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