How do I fit CS-10 snow chains?
Posted by on 24 October 2011 03:08 PM
  • Push the chain around behind the wheel until you hold both ends and lift both ends upwards. You want the hoop of chain to rise up under the car axle so that you can clip the two ends together near the top of the wheel. All modern snow chains are fitted in this way.
  • The automatic chain tensioning system is a strong bungy device which pulls one-way bead grippers through an easy load steel ratchet. It's a simple and very clever system, allowing for fine adjustment, with no danger of slippage. Chain tensioning is necessary because the chains will generally "shake down" on the wheels once you move off, involving some self centering and movement of the chain on the face of the tyres. Without an automatic system you need to get out of the vehicle after a short distance and take up any new slack yourself.
  • Practise fitting your chains a few times before you have to do it for real!
  • You need both hands to fit snowchains, so if it is dark a head torch makes all the difference

Click here to see how to fit Thule CS-10 snow chains!

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