Which roof box should I go for?
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Which roof box should I go for?

We sell a huge range of roof boxes and there is no such thing as a particular box for a particular car. In fact you can usually fit any box on any car, a huge box on a small car is not usually a problem – if you really need the extra space.

You can click here to use our trouble shooter to help you decide what box you require. Alternatively, here are some simple things you can consider to help you narrow down your choice:

How much do I need to carry?

Small roof boxes tend to be useful for overflow luggage or a couple but not holiday gear for a bigger family.

If you need to take holiday gear for a family of 4, or 5 we would recommend you look at our family roof box section. ‘Medium long – medium wide’ boxes are a good choice for all types of car, they are a popular choice for hatchbacks and smaller MPVs. If you need to take bikes on the roof as well consider a ‘long – medium wide’ box to give you good capacity and still leave room on most cars for 2 bikes.

If you just need a huge box, or have a large family and want a box for everyone’s’ luggage then have a look at long wide boxes, or consider going for two boxes. These are huge but would be a good choice for larger families, or if you are taking some friends along too.

If you can’t decide it makes sense to go for a slightly larger box. You should get years of use out of a roof box, maybe needing it for overflow baby gear at first, family holidays with 2 - 4 kids then transporting gear back and forwards to university. You don’t want to wish you had gone for the larger box a few years down the line.

It is best to look at the dimensions of the box rather than think about volume. Not only is this easier to visualise, some roof box manufacturers are very enthusiastic when it comes to stating the capacity whilst others have a tendency to underestimate.

What do I need to carry?

Skis – go for a box that is long enough to take your skis. Check the specifications to see how many skis and what length a roof box will take

Bikes – do you need to carry bikes on the roof (or will you in the future)? If so go for a medium length, or thinner box that leaves room on the roof to fit your bike(s)

Pushchairs/Buggies – these can be fairly bulky and it’s often best to put these in the boot of your car and other luggage in the roof box. If you have to put them in the box fold everything down and check the internal dimensions of the roof box carefully.

Canoes/kayaks - you will usually only have room for a 'long-thin' box (up to around 60cm wide) next to a kayak. Check the width of your kayak and the length of your roof bars before ordering.

Do you need roof bars?

If you are still having difficulty deciding we have a range of roof boxes available in money-saving package deals that include the box, bars and a roof box hoist – everything you need!

How often will you be using the roof box?

If you will be using the box often, or for very long journeys it makes sense to go for a more robust box. KAMEi make excellent roof boxes and you will find a good range for most price brackets

Consider the aerodynamics of the roof box. Nowadays all but the cheapest boxes are wind-tunnel tested and will have features to improve aerodynamics and give better fuel efficiency.

If you are concerned about the roof box looking good for longer then consider a box with a metallic/gloss finish. Not only do these look great they are easier to keep clean and will look newer for longer.

And finally.....

Remember we offer a unique 90 day exchange on roof boxes, so you are not left with a roof box you are not happy with.

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