Can I use a long box on a shorter car such as a saloon or hatchback?
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Will it be a problem using a longer box on a shorter vehicle? NO!

The most important thing to consider is that you choose a roof box that will suit your needs. You don't want to find that you cannot fit everything in the roof box next time you use it, or as your family grows, and regret going for a smaller box. Many people will go for a slightly thinner, but longer box to allow them to fit bikes on the roof too.

It is very common for a box to overhang the roof of your vehicle, so you are certainly not restricted to choosing a box that is the same size as your roof. In order to open your tailgate you would usually mount the box overhanging the front of your vehicle, this looks better too. You won't even notice fairly large overhangs when you are driving. The picture below shows one of our longest roof boxes, the Corvara 475 (230cm long), on an Astra hatchback. This looks fine and the tailgate easily opened on this vehicle. If your roof bars are fixed in position and you are worried about this, we can usually check how far forward you can mount your box. Just let us know the make and model of your vehicle and distance between your rear roof bar and tailgate when open, as well as any particular roof boxes you are interested in and we can check this for you. If your roof bars are fixed in position, you'll also need to check the distance between your roof bars to ensure you can fit some of our shorter roof boxes. This information will always be provided in the product specifications. 

Long box on hatchback


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