I need snow chains but my hand book says 'no fit'
Posted by Charlotte @ The Roof Box Company on 10 November 2010 01:14 PM

It sounds like you don't have enough clearance around the wheel arch to be able to fit a conventional snow chain on your vehicle (this can mean different things to different cars - sometimes there isn't enough space between the inside of the tyre and the inner wing, other times there are vulnerable shock absorbers, struts, or brake pipes, and sometimes the chain prevents electronic sensing equipment from working properly). 

We do have a selection of alternatives available. They have all been designed so they don't damage the wheel arch - they use all fitting system that attaches to the wheel nuts and the chain itself fits around the tread of the tyre. If you select your vehcile and / or tyre size on the website you can see the snow chains we have availible. If your handbook states 'no fit for snowchains' you need to look at the Spikes Spiders (any version) or the Maggi TRAK (any version). Alternatively, Autosock can also be fitted to vehicles where there is 'no fit' for snow chains. However, if you have limited clearance between the tyre and the wheel arch, fitting Autosock may be difficult, so you need to consider your options carefully. If you cannot get your hand inside the wheel arch and reach behind the tyre, you may be better off with a set of Maggi TRAK or Spikes Spider.

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