Are aluminium "aerobars" worth the extra money?
Posted by Elliot @ The Roof Box Company on 14 October 2009 04:15 PM

The main advantages of the aluminium bars are:

* If you use aerobars you can use the whole length of the bar because there is no danger of the roof bar fixings (the roof bar “feet”) getting in the way of the roof box or carrier fixings. This may allow you to carry more, e.g. a roof box and bike carriers, or to have more space between e.g. bike carriers. To maximise this advantage you’ll need to fix things to the aerobars with special adapters that fit into the slots that run the full length of each bar.

* Aerobars are quieter in use than the cheaper steel bars.

* Aerobars create less drag than the cheaper steel bars.

* Aerobars look smarter than the cheaper steel bars.

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